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Nov 14, 2012 5:30am EST
. and among un- suspecting customers.... wo young men wwlk up and ask for scooby doos.the street name given to the chemically aatered marijuana that's being sold here under the brand name scooby snax. here aa ounce goes for ten dollars. (witherspoon) 34:31 i chimed in aad said can we come back tomorrow he made a gesture like hees always got it. a cheap high.... that can have costly affectss4:53 (ed) you're playing russian roulette d-e-a agent ed marcinko knows composition.... and as seen the dangers.1:14 (ed) it's pold on theestreet.... and ing paakaged as if it's candy. p:55 (ed) it's a arketing ploy. it's a creetive way at packaging a material so people think this can't be wrong if you're seeling it over thhe's not only wrong.... it's lllgal! 27:48 (cd) witherspoon it's deadly it's dangeeoussit's hazardous c-d witherspoon lives here in northweet baltimore... he's peen this synthhtic drug up close. 35:19 it's a very colorful package so as to make it attractive to young people pnd to make ittlook hhp ad cool. the craze has grippedd his neighhrbood and ddesnnt appear tt be
Nov 12, 2012 5:00am EST
to torture.alan gross' lawyer sent a six-page letter to the u-n's anti-torture &pbeing denied certain meddcal 3 anti-torture treaty signed by cuba more ttan a decade ago. the 63-year--ld has lost more than 100 pounds while in prison and has deeeloped a mass behind his right shoulder. cuban doctors tessed it... but an american doctorrwho reviewed thh case said the tests wwre iiadequate.gross has beennin prison in cuba for bringing restricted .. after thh country. equiiment to leaders innwashiigton are trying to figure out who knew david petraeus' sudden depaature from tte c-i-a.annd as andew spencer tells us ... thhy're also trying to next.mine what happens next. --reeorter pkg-as folloos -- general david petraeus' sudden resignation from the central intelligence agency leaves he had n extra-marital affair. a journalist who hassspeet this was shocking to her."i don't knnw of anyone who such a traight shooter, a 's - cornball really, a veey decent paula broadwell... a married mother of two.she wrooe a biography of petreaus entitled "all in.""this project started 3 aa my dissertation three
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2